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The ALM 12V7s HP (HIGH POWER — up to 45 A continuous charge/discharge) is the next generation of NEC Energy Solutions pioneering Advanced Lithium Module, now with integrated protection for short circuits, over and under-voltage, temperature, charge and discharge add to the inherent Nanophosphate® cell safety. Consistent energy capacity, even under high discharge and deep cycling, allows system right-sizing, while arrays up to 48 V and 2.6 kWh extend application flexibility.

If your end use application is unlikely to see charge/discharge currents above 23A, consider purchasing the ALM12V7s (standard) version. The only difference between the high power and standard versions is the quantity of power electronics to support higher current levels. All other specifications are identical (amp-hours, watt-hours, voltage)

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ALM 12V7s HP


NEC Energy Solutions ALM™ family of lithium-ion batteries offers exceptional performance and long operating life.

The ALM 12V7s delivers significant advantages over lead-acid batteries:

  • High energy capacity even under high discharge rate and deep cycling
  • Industry-leading service life in both cycling and float applications
  • Integrated, redundant safety protection circuits
ALM 12V7 vs. Typical Lead-Acid Equivalent
Available Energy (at 1hr rate) Up to 40% greater
Cycle Life (to 50% DOD) 10–50X longer
Calendar/Float Life Up to 5X longer
Charging Time 10–100X faster
Weight (kg) 50% lighter

Long Life

  • Exceptional 100% deep discharge cycle life
  • Superior float, calendar, and shelf life
  • Excellent partial state-of-charge endurance


High Performance

  • High rate power delivery with consistent energy capacity
  • Fast, simple charging. Compatible with most lead acid chargers
  • Scalable arrays up to 48V, 50Ah (4S10P) without external Battery Monitoring System (BMS)

Robust Safety

  • EverSafe™ battery technology. Protection at the cell, battery, and system level
  • Fast response short circuit protection
  • Safe, proven, high-performance high-performance Nanophosphate® LiFePO4 chemistry
  • Sealed ABS plastic case (UL 94-5VA flame retardant)
  • Environmentally friendly; cells contain no lead or cadmium

Tough, Critical Applications

  • Strong performance and life across temperature extremes
  • Light weight with superior energy density
  • Simple, scalable system configurability up to 2.6kWh of energy

ALM 12V7s Applications


  • Base stations, broadband nodes
  • Long cycle and float life supports stable or unstable grid applications
  • Low weight eases pole-top utilization

Uninterruptible Power Supplies are ubiquitous not only in data centers and small offices, but also in a broad array of industrial applications – anywhere where computers are used in critical applications. The exceptional power delivery capabilities, long life, and light weight ALM 12V7s enable UPS systems including:

  • Industrial Automation, Server UPS

Off-grid power systems demand fast and frequent charge and discharge cycles, often in harsh environments with portability requirements. The ALM 12V7s’ long cycle life, fast charging, and light weight are ideal for these challenging applications:

  • Oil / gas / mining, remote sensors, electronic road signs, lighting

Most applications have a combination of frequent and deep charge/discharge cycles and harsh environmental conditions. The ALM 12V7s offers consistent power delivery across state- of-charge, fast recharging, light weight, long life, and robust safety. Such applications include:

  • Autonomous robots, Industrial machinery
  • Security systems, Emergency lighting

Medical equipment increasingly relies on advanced batteries for operational portability. However, sidelining equipment for hours to accommodate battery charging or frequent servicing directly impacts the cost and quality of patient care. The fast recharging and long operating life of the ALM 12V7s maximizes the value for:

  • Mobile Carts, Diagnostic Equipment
The ALM12V7s is available with nominal and high power (HP) models to match application requirements. The ALM 12V7s EverSafeTM battery technology provides protection against operation under many unsafe conditions such as over voltage, under voltage, over temperature and short circuit.

Electrical Characteristics @ 25°C
Nominal Voltage 13.2 V
Nominal Capacity (1C)
5 Ah
Available Energy
66 Wh
Max. Charge/Discharge Current Pulse (1 sec) 57 A
Max. Inrush Current (Charge or Discharge) 240 A
Max. Continuous Discharge Current (to 100% Depth of Discharge) 45 A
Max. Continuous Charge Current 45 A
Max. Recommended Charge Voltage 16 V
Max. Charge Voltage
(w/o damage)
60 V
Recommended Float Voltage 13.6-14.4V
Recharge time @ max rate 6.7 minutes @ 4C
Min. Float Voltage 13.6 V
Under-voltage Limit (min) 8 V
Operating Temperature
-40 to +60°C
Recommended Storage Temperature
-40 to +35°C
-40 to +80°C
  1. Minimum Capacity – 4.8 Ah at beginning of life (BOL)
  2. Duration of maximum constant current is thermally limited by internal electronics and depends on ambient temperature
  3. Charge and discharge power, and energy availability, will be limited at the low and high ends of the specified operating temperature range
  4. Storage at higher temperature reduces the battery’s life
  5. Transportation up to two weeks

IEC62133; UL 1973
REACH, RoHS and Battery Directive (2006/66/EC)
Meets FCC 47CFR 15 Class B, IEC61000-6-1,-2, -3, -4, ICES-003
UN Manual of Tests and Criteria Part III 38.3

Typical Discharge Behavior Graphs





  • Simple systems up to 2.6 kWh*
    • Up to four ALMs in series
    • Up to ten ALMs in parallel
  • Enables 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V systems
  • No external BMS required
    • Protection functions of each battery cooperate in scaled configurations
    • Automatic balancing between batteries in series and/or parallel

* Based on Beginning of Life (BOL) available energy, 1C discharge.


Constant Power Discharge End Voltage Up to 7.5 min 15 min 30 min 45 min 60 min 90 min 120 min
Characteristics in Watts @ 25°C 10V 410 237 122 83 66 43 32.5
Constant Current Discharge End Voltage Up to 7.5 min 15 min 30 min 45 min 60 min 90 min 120 min
Characteristics in Amps @ 25°C 10V 40 20 10 6.7 5 3.3 2.5


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