Domestic (US) Shipments

All US orders shipped via UPS Ground (lower 48).

Orders received before 12 Noon Central time are typically processed and shipped same day. Orders received after 12 Noon will go out the next business day.

Dangerous Goods: The ALM 12V35 modules are considered large lithium batteries/cells and incur dangerous goods charges for domestic ground shipments and require special markings, labelling and paperwork. Dangerous Goods charges are assessed per package in addition to normal shipping charges (FedEx charges $27.50 per package and UPS charges $33 per package). ALM 12V35 modules are individually boxed . Large quantity orders should avoid small package services and be shipped as palletized freight to minimize Dangerous Goods charges.

US Postal Service restricts the domestic transport of secondary (rechargeable) lithium batteries that are not installed in or packed with the equipment they are intended to operate.

Free Domestic Shipping – Enter coupon code ALM12V7s on your shopping cart page to get FREE domestic (ground) shipping on ALM12V7s and ALM12V7s HP modules for orders that total $1000 or more!

International Shipments

EVDM Corporation ships to locations outside the US using UPS, FedEx and DHL. Shipping charges quoted by the website or EVDM staff do NOT include any customs broker fees, import duty or VAT that may be assessed by the destination country. All shipments of lithium ion batteries are regulated as Dangerous Goods. There are varying levels of requirements based on the type and capacity of each cell/battery.

New ICAO regulations for air transportation of lithium ion batteries requires a 30% SOC conversion process for ALM products 

Due to new ICAO regulations, as of April 1, 2016: 

  • Lithium ion cells and batteries are forbidden for transport as cargo on passenger aircraft. 
  • Lithium ion cells and batteries are limited to 30% state of charge (SOC) when transported on cargo aircraft. 

This 30% SoC conversion process will add $15 per module to the shipping cost. Please contact EVDM Corporation for details.

Shipments containing lithium batteries are covered under IATA Packing Instruction 965 Section IB and IA. For these kinds of shipments please consult the following:

  • UPS: A list of countries that are approved for Dangerous Goods shipments via UPS is located on the UPS website (look for a checkmark in the IDG column — Section IB and Section IA shipments require IDG services). Please note that although the IDG column may be checked there could be additional country specific restrictions for lithium batteries.
  • FedEx: FedEx states that they service almost any country they do business in. You can review their International Dangerous Goodspage for country specific restrictions. Look for “Dangerous Goods Delivery: Yes” under your country listing. Please note that although it may be marked “Yes” there may be additional country specific restrictions for lithium batteries.
  • DHL: DHL lists their countries in a downloadable Lithium Battery Restrictions Country List. For ALM12V7 modules, look under the section referencing LITHIUM ION SECTION IB (PI 965 only) and for ALM12V35 modules SECTION IA (PI 965 only) for specific countries serviced.

US Postal Service prohibits the international transport of secondary (rechargeable) lithium batteries that are not installed in equipment.

Recommended Minimum Order Quantities for International Shipments – Due to the high cost of international shipping, it is impractical/uneconomical to ship small quantities of cells and/or modules. The following are recommended minimum order quantities for international shipments outside North America (Canada/US/Mexico):

  • ALM12V7 – 8 modules – 17 lbs. in a 13x13x9 inch carton – CARGO AIRCRAFT ONLY – fully regulated DANGEROUS GOODS
  • ALM12V35 – 1 module per carton – 16 lbs. in a 12x12x10 inch carton – CARGO AIRCRAFT ONLY – fully regulated DANGEROUS GOODS

You may opt to order less than the recommended minimum order quantities, however, shopping carts with less than that quantity may not display an international shipping cost on the checkout screen. Contact Sales for a shipping quote and international shipping code prior placing your order. Please make sure you indicate the type/quantity you wish to order and the destination country, city and postal code (if available).